Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of people, technology, and organizations. MIS is a people-oriented field with an emphasis on service through technology by studying innovative technologies and how to use them to achieve business goals.

MIS professionals are the “bridge” between business needs and technology. This means an MIS professional will have to understand how to dig deep into how technology works, solve problems, report, and communicate on findings.

Reasons to major in MIS:

  • Small class sizes compared to other majors
  • Challenging course work, with professors who are always willing to help
  • Emphasis on teamwork, creativity, and innovative ideas
  • Utilizes organizational and logical thinking skills
  • Gain knowledge in both business and technology
  • Help people and businesses through a simulated consulting project
  • Hands-on classes with exposure to real-world situations and application of information systems
  • Highly sought after major – high placement rates for internships and full-time employment
  • Broad opportunities – many different career path options
  • Career paths can easily lead to leadership and upper management
  • Above average starting salary –  just over $60,000 (UNI May 2017 grads)

In 2017, 80% of UNI MIS graduates received at least one job offer prior to graduation and had an average salary of just over $60,000. Many people believe that a Management Information Systems degree leads just to a position as a programmer, but that is far from the case. There are many exciting career options for MIS graduates to choose from. Here are just a few:

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Application Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Systems Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Application Developer
  • Systems Developer
  • Database Analyst
  • Web Developer


  • Communication skills
    • Communication skills will help MIS students be able to interact with the business side and relay the information back to any project stakeholder.
  • Technical skills
    • MIS students are exposed to computer programming, database structures and management, and a variety of other software.
  • Business analysis
    • MIS majors combine the ability to communicate effectively and understand technology to be skillful at business analysis.

Why choose MIS?

  • Competitive Salary
    • According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) an entry-level position in Management Information Systems can earn you $50,000 to $80,000 per year.*
    • UNI’s May 2017 Grads had an above average starting salary of just over $60,000
  • Continuously Growing Field
  • High Placement Rate

How Long will MIS Jobs be around?

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) employment of computer and information occupations are projected to grow by 22 percent, adding 758,000 new jobs from 2010 to 2020.